Google ChromeBook - some unknown hot key

Google sells lots ChromeBook.
It's fun, and it's really funnnny.

  1. Press 'F3 + Esc + Power' to BOOT
  2. Press 'Ctrl + D' , no matter if there exist any error message
  3. Press 'Enter' for confirm
  4. Wait for a while, DO NOT shutdown or reboot machine
  5. It's Dev...... Mode NOW
  6. You can try to do SOME THING you can not do before (Like 'Ctrl-Alt-F2' )

  1. Press 'Space' at previois Dev...... Mode
  2. Presss 'Enter' for confirm
  3. It's back to Normal Mode

  1. Press 'Alt-Ctrl-R' at login screen
  2. It will been reset to default status as you use it at 1st time

  1. If you have no any wired/wireless network can be used
  2. Try to use any unsecure wireless or wired network, even it can't connect to internet
  3. Press 'Alt-Ctrl-E' at the first time when it trying to connect to internet
  4. Select 'Cancel' at next step.
  5. You'll always can login as 'Browse as a Guest'.
  6. Be noted that Guest account won't store any file if you'd logout.
Update: Switch to Develope Mode, Ref: